Patient Protection Pad Set

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Pad Set Includes:

  •  Torso Protection Pad Set. (QTY: 1)
  •  Leg Protection Pad Set. (QTY: 1)
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Fits all adult patients.
  • Fits most pediatrics.

OEM Compatibility:

  • Pads fit within all MRI bores.
  • Can be used with most coils.

MR Safe


Our all-in-one positioning pad will dramatically increase your workflow. Isolating all major points on the patient where burn injury may occur. With the ability to fully restrain the patient, comfortably we might add, and significantly reduce the chance of movement; our Isolation pad can reduce both re-scanning and repositioning. Set Includes: (1 Torso Isolation Pad Set) (1 Leg Isolation Pad Set

Material Attributes: The polyester canvas material, the covering on the pads, is a waterproof fabric that features a plastic PVC backing making it extremely durable and resilient. This in turn will help prevent vector cross contamination, such as liquids of any form from penetrating to the internal cushions. The fabric also has mold and UV resistance qualities.

Sanitizing the Pads: We chose a 100% polyester fabric due to its durability when being disinfected with everyday cleaning solutions used in any MRI department i.e., Sani Wipes. Also, Sani Wipes happen to be made of 100% polyester. Isopropyl alcohol is a great stain lifter for the polyester canvas material. This will not damage the 100% polyester canvas fabric.

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1 review for Patient Protection Pad Set


    I am a strong advocate for proper patient padding. These pads are an excellent choice for protecting against patient burns as well as limiting contact with the bore. I found that the leg cushion and strap is a great way to keep a patient’s legs stable on the pad rather than having to resort to tons of tape when using our usual knee bolsters. This saves time on every case by not having to search for a roll of tape and it also means no more gooey tape residue on the pad. The material for this pad set is comfortable, easily wipeable, liquid proof and slides very easily against the bore during table travel. I found that the pads compress sufficiently to accommodate even very large patients while maintaining the recommended padding thickness. The straps connecting the main patient torso pads can be laid upon the table below coils or a table pad without the need to remove them throughout the shift. This saves a lot of time removing, storing, retrieving and placing pads during various setups. I just left them on all day and wiped them in between whatever case I had next. I’ve used them on GE and Philips tables and had no problem with leaving them on all shift (they functioned identically on both table designs without any problems moving in and out). The torso strap and buckles are easy to clean and hold more reliably than Velcro (which I think is disgusting since it is truly impossible to clean properly and it wears out super easily – leading to more tape and goo on everything as most techs would know). The pads can be strapped very loosely as well and they will still slide into the bore and stay put without shifting so they don’t have to create more anxiety with tons of tape and sheets wrapped all over the place. This is a great timesaver since all other pads I’ve had available don’t slide well and you have to continually adjust them or resort to pillowcases, tape and wrapping sheets to reduce the friction. Not a problem with these pads! I found the product quality to be durable and appealing. I’ve seen over 18 years that most pads tear too easily but this material feels like it would hold up to much abuse. I feel this pad set could hold up on a backpacking trip – it is that tough and yet it is not uncomfortable. The large sizes reliably protected all my patients on our short bore and long bore scanners. The bright color also makes it unlikely that these pads would ever be accidentally tossed out with linen or left on the patient bed on their way back to their room. As someone that has purchased countless sets of replacement pads I think all my points above make this a smart choice for assuring pads are always available without any excuses about loss or time spent to gather and place them.

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