Torso Protection Pad Set

This pad set includes:

  • Torso Protection Pad ( QTY 1 )
  • Arm Protection Pads ( QTY 2 )
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Torso protection pad 31″L x 11″H x 1″W for each pad.
  • Arm protection pad 30″L x 7″H x 1″W for each pad.

OEM Compatibility:

  • Pads fit within all MRI bores.
  • Can be used with most coils.

MR Safe


Prevent patients from being burned by the MRI bore while keeping them comfortable. Using our specifically designed MRI bore isolation pads. The pads also work as an immobilizer to limit patient movement during a scan.

These pads will stay stationary with the patient while the table moves into the bore. No more guiding the pads to stay in position!

Material Attributes: The polyester canvas material, the covering on the pads, is a waterproof fabric that features a plastic PVC backing making it extremely durable and resilient. This in turn will help prevent vector cross contamination, such as liquids of any form from penetrating to the internal cushions. The fabric also has mold and UV resistance qualities.

Sanitizing the Pads: We chose a 100% polyester fabric due to its durability when being disinfected with everyday cleaning solutions used in any MRI department i.e., Sani Wipes. Also, Sani Wipes happen to be made of 100% polyester. Isopropyl alcohol is a great stain lifter for the polyester canvas material. This will not damage the 100% polyester canvas fabric.

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