Trouble Shooting & Product Care

Section 1

TESLA Vision Patient Video Display

TESLA Vision system  user guide & training:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The video below overviews how to set up the TESLA Vision video display for patients. It will guide you through the application interface and display functions.

Connecting to the TESLA Vision network:
The video below is a step by step guide on how to reconnect to the TESLA Vision network. Please make sure the Wi-Fi network is only set to the TESLA Vision network.

Section 2

Patient Protection Pads

Patient set up:
– The video below demonstrates how to correctly set up the protection pads. Use the set up procedure shown in this video of technologists setting up the patient pads as this is the most efficient method. 

Note: The large upper torso pads are designed to always rest on the patient table as a default pad ready for use. The pads will rest to the side of the table so linens and coils may be place above them.

Cleaning patient pads:
– To help stop the spread of infection clean all pads with an approved disinfectant such as hydrogen peroxide 5%, Sani Wipes or isopropyl alcohol. Infection control experts recommend cleaning after each patient.
– Regularly check all padding material with an ultraviolet (black) light and make sure that any biological material detected on the pads can be removed 

Checking for damage:
– Periodically inspect the pads and positioning pads with a magnifying glass, particularly at the seams, to identify fraying or tearing. If present, the pads should be replaced.
– Replace damaged or contaminated pads with new pads if necessary.

Section 3

MRI Bore Mop

Cleaning the MRI bore mop:
– To help reduce the spread of infection it is recommended to wipe down the MRI bore mop daily. Using common solvents such as Sani Wipes, Clorox products or hydrogen peroxide 5%. Do not use any acid-based solvents.

Checking for damage:
– If there is noticeable damage impeding functionality of the mop its suggested to contact We will be more than happy to help trouble shoot or replace the equipment.