MRI Video System

MRI Video System Offers:

  •  30-Day money back guarantee*
    Terms and conditions apply*
  • 1-Year warranty

System Compatibility:

  • Fits bore sizes 60 cm to 74 cm & open bore MRI.
  • Can be used with 1.2T to 3T magnets.
  • Compatible OEM Magnets: Fujifilm, GE, Siemens, Philips
  • System is considered MR Conditional


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Transform the surface of your MRI Bore into a visual display!

The TESLA Vison MRI video system helps keep patients calm and content during an MRI which helps reduce the chance of rescans by decreasing the chance of movement.
Many patients suffer from a fear of the MRI due to the small dark constraints of the bore. For some patient, this can manifest as pain and need to focus their mind elsewhere instead of the blank surface of the MRI bore.
Give your patients piece of mind by captivating their strongest sensory input, vision. Help improve their overall scan experience with this new and innovative MRI video system.

MRI video system user interface

With its simple and easy-to-use interface, technologist can now choose a passive video with a simple touch and power on or off the device with a single button press. No more wasting time with complicated patient entertainment equipment that can take large amounts of time to turn on and set up. Turn on at the beginning of a shift and set it and forget it.
Choose from an array of soothing videos covering the MRI bore that can help ease the most restless mind. There are even videos for pediatric patients, designed for the tight constraints of the head coil.

Patient experience

No patient set up! At no point will the patient come in contact with the video system. Keeping them free of wearing or adding more equipment to their body during a scan. This means no mirrors, no goggles, no cleaning or adjusting equipment for the technologist; freeing them of time and frustration that the other bulky systems can add.
This MRI video system is the most simple, easy and visually captivating system that is designed for all patients. Giving them comfort, piece of mind and a wonderful experience when undergoing a scan at your facility.


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