TESLA Vision™ MRI Video System

Included Guarantees and Services:

  • 1-Year warranty
  • 1-Year remote support & latest immersive video updates

System Compatibility:

  • Fits bore sizes 60 cm to 80 cm & open bore MRI.
  • Compatible OEM Magnets: Fujifilm, GE, Siemens, Philips & Canon
  • The visual system is MR Conditional at 3-Tesla or less.


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Enhancing the MRI patient experience & increasing throughput

With the TESLA Vision™ MRI video system, visually expand the MRI bore and provide patients with a calming and immersive video experience. Create an inviting environment within the bore that promotes patient comfort and relaxation.

  • Zero patient contact.
  • No added patient setup time.
  • Compatible with existing MRI sound systems.
  • Entertaining & soothing videos for patients of any age.
  • Remote support & latest immersive video updates

For the patient

Immersive Display (Whole-Bore)

  • This feature transforms the MRI bore front to back with vibrant and immersive videos.
  • Patients will experience a calming and soothing environment within the MRI bore, designed to keep them relaxed during their scans.

Cinema Display (Narrative Video)

  • This display feature provides patients with narrative videos, e.g., nature documentaries or shows.
  • Ideal for head and neck scans, the video will always be displayed above the patient as they move in and out of the MRI bore.

For the technologists

Our system is designed for efficiency and provides zero patient contact and no added setup time, giving technologists more time to focus on patient care. Technologists will interact with two simple components when using the TESLA Vision™  system, helping save time and enhance overall patient comfort. 

  • Tablet application (Used to change video and power on/off the projector).
  • Mirror arch display (Used for Cinema display only).

MRI video system tablet interface

The TESLA Vision™ control tablet is intuitively simple to operate. This frees technologists of frustrating features that impede workflow.

  • Our simple application interface allows you to choose video and power on/off the video system.

MRI video system installation procedure

The installation procedure for the video system uses only one BNC port located on the penetration panel. This means no modifications need to be done anywhere in the magnet, control, or equipment rooms.

  • Installation time: 3-4 hours
  • Department staff training time: 20 minutes
  • One BNC bulkhead is required on the penetration panel to install the TESLA Vision™ system


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