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The VISION MRI Projection System redefines the MRI experience by enveloping patients in a visually captivating environment, promoting relaxation and comfort. With zero patient setup requirements for technologists, VISION seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, enhancing efficiency and patient care. The intuitive tablet interface empowers healthcare professionals to effortlessly navigate the system, offering a diverse array of full bore immersive videos and Cinemode's narrative-based shows. By combining innovation with ease of use, VISION not only transforms the MRI environment but also elevates the overall patient experience, making MRI sessions more inviting, stress-free, and patient-centric. Welcome to a new era of MRI technology with VISION – where comfort meets efficiency.

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Vision by UX Platforms

Key Features:

  • Full Bore Video Display

  • First-of-its-kind system designed to cover the entire MRI bore

  • Streamlines workflow for healthcare professionals by eliminating the need for additional patient setup.

  • Designed to seamlessly integrate into existing MRI systems, enhancing the patient experience without disrupting established processes.

  • Minimizes learning curves for technologists, making it easy to adopt and incorporate into daily practices.

  • Enables efficient troubleshooting and system enhancements without the need for on-site visits, reducing downtime and ensuring consistent functionality.

  • Tablet Interface for Intuitive Control

  • Allows healthcare professionals to effortlessly choose from a library of immersive videos or switch to Cinemode's narrative-based shows, tailoring the experience to individual patient preferences.

  • On/Off Control via Tablet Interface

Vision Cinemode by UX Platforms

Key Features:

  • Immersive Cinematic Experience

  • Large field-of-view mirror display ensures a truly immersive and anxiety-reducing experience.

  • Seamless Integration with VISION Projection System:

  • Effortlessly attaches to the patient table, enhancing the capabilities of the preinstalled VISION projector system on MRI machines.

  • Utilizes passive video from VISION to create a dynamic and high-definition viewing experience for patients.

  • Adjustable Mirror Angle:

  • Enables easy customization for each patient's comfort without the need for constant removal.

  • Mirror can be angled up and down, allowing healthcare professionals to optimize the patient's perspective effortlessly.

  • Lightweight and Non-Intrusive Design

  • Versatile Content Options

  • Enhances patient satisfaction by providing entertainment choices during MRI sessions.

Cinemode revolutionizes the MRI experience by seamlessly integrating with the VISION projection system, transforming the confined MRI bore into a vast, immersive environment. Patients can now enjoy high-definition narrative videos, such as nature documentaries and kids' movies, via a large field-of-view mirror display. The adjustable mirror angle ensures personalized comfort for each patient, eliminating the need for frequent removal between sessions. This lightweight and non-intrusive add-on device not only reduces patient apprehension associated with MRI procedures but also enhances overall patient satisfaction. With Cinemode, healthcare providers can elevate the patient experience, making MRI sessions more enjoyable, comfortable, and stress-free. Welcome to a new era of patient-centered MRI technology with Cinemode – where comfort meets innovation.

flexible OEM capability:

Vision & Cinemode are the first products of their kind, requiring ZERO set-up, contact, maintenance & cleaning. This allows the technologists to provide a soothing imaging experience with no interruption to their busy schedule. Patient delays = revenue lost
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Lisa G. | Traveling MRI Technologist

I love having this for the MRI patients. The patients enjoy having the videos as a welcome distraction from being confined in the bore. The videos (my favorite is the more realistic fish aquarium) along with music have calmed many patients anxiety and nerves. Patients comment on how the videos have helped pass the time.

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