MRI Patient Video

Improving the MRI Patient Experience & increasing patient throughput

Whole Bore Video
Sooth patients with an immersive experience
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Cinema Display
Entertain patients with HD movies
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TESLA Vison™ MRI Patient Experience

Enhance the MRI patient experience where it matters most. Visually expand the MRI bore into an immersive video display. Entertain & soothe patients of any age undergoing a scan.

TESLA Vision™ offers both full-bore & cinema video display options.

Value – simplicity – reliability at 25% of the cost of competing video systems.

Flexible OEM compatibility


Anxiety = Lost time & revenue

Entering the bore of an MRI can induce anxiety for many patients. Emotional discomfort can increase patient movement creating artifacts leading to delayed & aborted scans.  As a result department scheduling becomes bottlenecked and patient throughput diminishes. 

  • Financial consequence, a loss of $115,000 in revenue per scanner per year
  • Lower patient satisfaction
  • Reduced HCAHPS score & funding
  • Repeated sequencing

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Save time & elevate patient satisfaction

Prevent patient anxiety and revenue loss from progressing by creating a visually stimulating environment to improve the MRI patient experience.

  • Sooth and comfort patients
  • Reduce costly rescans & patient movement
  • Reduce sedation & anesthesia
  • Zero patient contact with equipment
  • Equipment has little to no patient setup
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores

The MRI patient experience

Our MRI video display captivates patients from the moment they enter the MRI room. 

  • Creates an inviting environment
  • Visually expands the MRI bore
  • Soothes and enriches the MR experience
  • Entertains with passive & narrative video
  • Diverts their focus away from the MRI
  • Dramatically reduces anxiety
  • Provides audio with every video

The technologists experience

Our simplistic tablet interface allows technologists to change videos quickly. This is to ensure they focus solely on the patient and the scan.

  • Compatible with any existing MRI sound system
  • Intuitive application interface for changing video
  • The application provides entertaining kids & adult video
  • Choose Whole-bore or cinema video with the press of a button

Satisfaction guaranteed

Try our risk-free guarantee program and know this is the right solution for your imaging department.

  •  30-Day money back guarantee*
    Terms and conditions apply*
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Professional onsite training for technologists (time length 30m)
  • Professional installation service (time length 2.5hr) 
  • Comprehensive customer support
  • Product reliability
  • 25% of the cost of competing video systems

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