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Vision by UX Platforms

Better patient and provider MRI experiences

Our non-invasive technology makes it easy for MRI technicians to provide an amazing entertainment experience for patients and significant cost savings.


Patent Pending

How it Works
Vision Cinemode by UX Platforms

Turn your MRI bore into a cinematic experience

Cinemode seamlessly integrates with the VISION projection system. Lightweight & non-intrusive, Cinemode enhances patient satisfaction, making MRI sessions more enjoyable & stress free


Patent Pending

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Lisa G. | Traveling MRI Technologist

I love having this for the MRI patients. The patients enjoy having the videos as a welcome distraction from being confined in the bore. The videos (my favorite is the more realistic fish aquarium) along with music have calmed many patients anxiety and nerves. Patients comment on how the videos have helped pass the time.

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